The Pittsburgh Poster Project is a collaborative effort to connect the dots among the many campaigns for justice and social transformation happening here as the city changes.


We seek to intervene on the cyclical process of gentrification and displacement by weaving grassroots stories together into a compelling visual narrative and storytelling tool. 


Pittsburgh Poster Project

c/o Babyland Collective

460 Melwood Avenue

Pittsburgh, PA 15224


If you'd like to SCHEDULE AN INTERVIEW or learn more about the project, please drop us a line! 


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Poised on the brink of a much-courted technological, social, and extraction-fueled Renaissance, will Pittsburgh's path to economic redevelopment repeat the patterns of exclusion, displacement, and dislocation so familiar to the city's most rooted residents?

is there another way forward? 

We're creating a collaborative, illustrated, story-based teaching and learning tool to help link, refine, and advance a story of Pittsburgh where workers and ordinary people are heroes, the millionaires (of then and now) are culprits, and the solutions we most need come from within our neighborhoods, not from big developers' profiteering pockets. 


We're relying on volunteer labor, donated services, a small but enormously helpful grant from the Three Rivers Community Foundation, and YOUR GENEROUS DONATION to make this project possible! Thank you for your support.



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